Acupuncture Research Resource Centre ARRC

The Acupuncture Research Resource Centre (ARRC) provides a specialist resource for research into acupuncture. ARRC was set up by the BAcC in 1994 and is currently hosted by the Centre for Complementary Healthcare and Integrated Medicine (CCHIM) at Thames Valley University.

 The BAcC established ARRC to:

  • improve the evidence base and demonstrate the value of traditional acupuncture
  • collect acupuncture research data from available sources
  • develop and apply research methods that are suited to investigating traditional acupuncture
  • increase awareness of the effectiveness of traditional acupuncture by providing good quality information to practitioners, other health service providers, journalists, researchers, government bodies and the public
  • liaise with other researchers and establish a network of research-active practitioners
  • produce review papers on the latest evidence-based clinical trials into the effectiveness of acupuncture for the treatment of specific conditions
  • encourage and support BAcC members’ research projects
  • conduct the BAcC’s own research projects
  • organise an annual research symposium for healthcare professionals from all backgrounds
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