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Client Testimonials


Zero Balancing & Acupuncture Belper Derby Sep 2014The experience of Traditional Acupuncture with Nigel over the last few years, has become a way of being that supports me as an individual both mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. I have always found it a positive and growthful experience that has contributed hugely to my well- being. Whilst I have in the past experienced different physical symptoms, in particular rheumatoid arthritis, I have been able through Acupuncture to manage my physical ailments with the minimum of clinical interventions.

I value most of all the safe space and the quality of listening that Nigel offers that respects me as a human being. As a result I feel more able to fulfil my potential and use the space effectively for my own internal growth and self-exploration.

………. A.M.L. North Derbyshire


Zero Balancing ... finding inner peace - Derby June Sep 2014“My sessions of Zero Balancing with Nigel were an incredibly powerful experience. I would arrive at my appointments feeling stressed out and overwhelmed with life, and walk out having had tension and built up emotions released. Not only did this help me deal with day to day life, but it has built an inner confidence, enabling me to make decisions and move forward with my life in an incredibly positive manner.

Zero Balancing has helped me find stillness and peace which I seek to replicate every day. Zero Balancing is something to be experienced not analysed.”

………. P.L. Belper


“Like most women I like to treat myself to something new to wear or have my hair done to make me feel a bit better about myself… But over the years I have come to realize that taking care of myself and investing in the inner me is not only more important but for me essential to maintain my health and well-being.

I’ve been visiting Nigel for several years now, initially for Remedial Massage. The pains in my body particularly my hip and shoulder were so bad that I had no energy and little motivation to do the things I most enjoyed. I hated taking pain killers which didn’t work anyway! What I came to appreciate with Nigel’s support and the release that came from the deep massage, was that much of the physical pain I was experiencing had its root in emotional not physical issues which lead me to hold so much tension and stress which lead to the pain.

Acupuncture, Remedial Massage, Zero Balancing - Belper  & Derby Sep 2014As a result of this insight I decided to try Acupuncture. Nigel’s rooms are an oasis of calm tranquillity just a step away from a busy high street where I feel safe, secure and supported. At the beginning of each treatment Nigel listens to all my concerns then together we decide on the most suitable focus for the treatment.

I suffer from complications with an underactive thyroid which doesn’t respond to conventional medicine alone. At times is not only debilitating but causes my bodily functions to seize up. I have gone to Nigel so exhausted that I have had to be driven to my appointment and then come out with a spring in my step! Gone with a splitting headache or so stressed I felt I could implode and come away calm and relaxed ready to face the world. I’ve gone feeling paralysed with anxiety, lacking the confidence to make the difficult decisions life throws at us and left ready to move forward and even felt rewarded enough to treat myself to a little shop!

At times I suffer from high levels of fear and anxiety particularly when experiencing periods of loss and grief. With Nigel’s help and support I feel able to get through life’s rougher roads to face the challenges a little stronger, more confident, and reassured finding some inner strength and peace knowing I’m not the alone.

Nigel doesn’t have a magic wand, but it’s quite amazing how those tiny needles that at times you don’t even know are there work their magic.”

………. V.W. South Derbyshire


Acupuncture & Zero Balancing Derby Sep 2014“I have been working with Nigel for nearly two years. He offers a safe space for me to express myself. I have not sensed assumption nor judgement, being always met with a gentle, heartfelt respect. Nigel is patient, direct in communication, intelligent in responses. He does not attempt to ‘join my dots’, but will share his thoughts where they might shed light on issues that are out of my awareness.

While Nigel is the skilled Acupuncturist, I feel met as an equal: the healing is collaborative. As a result of our work, I have much more energy, my lungs are stronger, anxiety diminished. I know myself better, and love myself more.”

………. M.P. Staffordshire


“My first experience of Zero Balancing was at a Mind, Body and Spirit event in Derby, I’d gone hoping to find something to give me a lift, as for a few years I have been suffering with symptoms of Endometriosis. The pain, the frustrations of not being understood, the reduced self esteem and confidence, feeling fatigued and of course the frustrations of the perception of not being able to do anything about it, all began to drag me down over time no matter how hard I tried to stay positive.

Zero Balancing - pain & stress relief Derbyshire Sep 2014I met Nigel and had a taster session. To be honest I didn’t really expect to feel anything other than a little more relaxed, but I was amazed! I felt so refreshed, as though I’d had an invigorating shower. I felt the most awake I’d felt in many months. I knew immediately that I was going to arrange to see Nigel again and embark upon a treatment programme.

I can honestly say it’s the best thing I have ever done. Zero Balancing has given me the ability to cope with my illness during the run up to an operation. I continue to see Nigel on a monthly basis even after the operation as it only provided some pain relief. Nigel has helped me to really tune into my true self again. It’s a gradual process. Each session can aid in different issues occurring at that time on an emotional as well as physical level which effect me in different ways from one session to the next. Nigel is very professional, approachable and really listens, and then together we work on my desired goal using the Zero Balancing protocol. With Nigel’s help and Zero Balancing I am now getting my life back together.”

………. J.R. Belper


“When I first went to Nigel I was very distressed and in pain. I was also suffering from the side effects of conventional medication, and getting fed up with doctor’s trying different drugs on me.  Nigel answered my e-mail very quickly as I did not know where to turn, immediately arranging an appointment for me.

Acupuncture & Zero Balancig - Belper Derbyshire Sep 2014Nigel asked me about my health concerns, how I was feeling, and thoroughly investigated my medical history and subsequent medication, he is very caring and reassuring. After my first treatment there was a marked improvement. I felt that someone had listened to me and knew how to help me.

I have been having Acupuncture since March 2012 (no drugs and no side effects) and my symptoms have improved so much. I feel more positive in my outlook for my health and life in general. Nigel listens to all my concerns and worries, he reassures me, I feel I can tell him anything. He is a very professional and calming person, who I trust implicitly.”

………. S.S. Belper


Derby - Zero Balancing Sep 2014“I initially went to Nigel for Zero Balancing after a leaflet through my door and at a time when I had severe pain in my shoulder and a feeling of coldness deep within the muscle. Zero Balancing has been incredibly effective in releasing the stiffness, tension and pain and I have much more movement.

Nigel is very calm and professional and I always leave feeling either very buoyant and ready for the next challenges or very relaxed and chilled and ready for a good sleep! Either way, it is a calming experience which leaves me serene and restored. Thank you!”

………. T.T. Derbyshire


Belper Remedial Massage Sep 2014“Nigel has created a very relaxing safe environment and professional, caring attitude towards his clients, which I can highly recommend. His treatment room feels really special.”

……….J.S. Derbyshire



“The monthly sessions of Acupuncture or Zero Balancing that I have received from Nigel over the past few years have enabled me to continue with my life by keeping some long term and very debilitating symptoms under control.

Derby & Belper Zero Balancing Sep 2014He listens without judgement, makes his assessment quickly and accurately and explains how he intends to proceed, so you know what to expect. Nigel is both professional and empathic and I have total confidence in him.

I book my appointments a month in advance and he sends me a reminder by text, but if I have to make a last minute change, Nigel has always been able to accommodate my needs.”

………. A.H. Belper


Belper Derby Zero Balancing Sep 2014“I have been visiting Nigel for Zero Balancing for around 2 years. At first I felt a little embarrassed and unsure of what to expect, but need not have worried as Nigel is always welcoming, professional and unrushed.

Zero Balancing gives me the opportunity to refocus and rebalance helping me to deal with low feelings, work stresses, and some physical problems when I had a frozen shoulder as the result of a broken arm.

I can walk into my appointments feeling like the weight of the world is on my shoulders and walk out feeling relaxed and energised.”

………. M.L. Derbyshire


Acupuncture & Zero Balancing Belper Derbyshire Sep 2014“For a couple of year I have received Acupuncture treatments for what has been a long term (10 years) physically and emotionally, distressing and debilitating condition. I had over time become distant, found communication difficult, and felt bereft.

On reflection I could not have imagined how much my perspective would shift or dared to feel that I would again communicate “like my old self”. Nigel’s ability to hear what I was saying linked with his skill as an Acupuncturist, enabled me to encounter huge release and change.”

………. R.H. Burton-Upon-Trent


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