Bone Energy

Posted by on Jun 14, 2013

Bone Energy

Zero Balancing focuses on some special properties found within bone. “The crystalline (hydroxyapatite/collagen) structures in bone and other connective tissues are piezoelectric. That is, on compression small electrical fields are stimulated throughout the body. Information is transmitted non-locally from touch.

In addition, bone, the densest tissue in the body, transmits vibration and holds and stores information (as vibration) from early childhood, trauma, conditioning, and moments that literally ‘hurt to the quick’. Bone in this sense is ‘imprintable’. These inputs are held stable in bone as deeply held memory. A Zero Balancing fulcrum, holding a clearer, stronger field, brings a clearer vibration through bone. Entrapped information and experience is released as conditioning dissipates, and an individual becomes free to chose.”

(Fritz Smith, on Bone)


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