Complementary Therapies

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The Centre offers three complementary therapies to help you to optimise your health and wellbeing, Traditional Acupuncture, Zero Balancing and Remedial Massage …

Acupuncture in Derbyshire - Sep 2014Traditional Acupuncture –  A 2000 year old system of holistic health care. Pain, illness and emotional distress are seen as symptomatic of deeper level imbalance within your body’s energy system. Through diagnosis and treatment Acupuncture aims to restore a healthy flow of Qi (your vital energy) through your body. This is accomplished by inserting very fine needles into specific areas on the body which stimulates your natural healing process, and helps to promote physical and emotional and harmony.


Zero Balancing in Derbyshire Sep 2014Zero Balancing – An advanced form of gentle bodywork which invites the release of physical and emotional tension through the application of light stretches and fingertip pressure. A conscious quality of touch creates still points around which your body relaxes. This creates an opportunity to let go of your unwanted tension in the mind and deeper structures of the body, and can result in improved posture, movement range, mental clarity and energy flow, whilst helping to decrease your levels of pain, discomfort, and emotional distress.


Remedial Massage in Belper Sep 2014Remedial Massage – Focuses on a deep and sympathetic quality of touch which allows your muscles, connective tissue of the body and nervous system to simultaneously relax. It is ideal for the relief and prevention of muscular-skeletal conditions or injuries which may arise through your postural concerns, leisure and work place activity, or trauma. Remedial Massage can also be extremely effective in providing you with relief from muscular pain, increasing joint mobility, improving circulation, reducing your stress levels, and helping to induce deep levels of relaxation.