Five Element Acupuncture

for all ages & stages of life

The Five Element Cycle …

of Wood (birth), Fire (maturity), Earth (decrease), Metal (death), and Water (essence) …

Sep 2014 Derbyshire - five element acupuncture for all ages and stages of life Jan 2014represents the continual and never ending flow of energy found in nature and in our selves. By experiencing the elements as inter-relational “phases” we can better understand the movement and transition which is found in life.

It is important to realise that whilst at any one time one element may be more noticeable than another, all the elemental qualities exist together in a vibrant energetic soup that is unique to the moment and the individual, constantly moving and shifting with the rhythms of the day, seasons, and the passing of years.

The continuing transition of the Five Elements represent the entire cycle of life as each hour, day, season, year, and life flows into the next in a never ending circle. Each element has its own blessing. When in balance, we can draw upon these qualities to help us embrace the changing circumstances of our lives and actively promote a greater sense of wellbeing, assisting us to move forwards toward fulfilling our true potential.

Herein lies the essence of Five Element Acupuncture. It is through harmonising and balancing these elemental qualities that physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns may find resolution.

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It is simply not possible to condense 2000 years of such a wonderful healing system into one web page. In order to further explain some of the ideas behind Five Element Acupuncture in a little more detail, and to convey a wider sense of of all that this tradition potentially offers please check out our Blog.

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