Zero Balancing

gently inviting physical & emotional tension to melt away

Zero Balancing …

This unique system of energy bodywork not only influences the vibrational energy of the bones but also enhances Qi flow through the acupuncture meridians.

Try to imagine a hands on session which may help to alleviate muscular discomfort, and helps to clear and calm your mind.

  • Zero Balancing Derbyshire & Belper Sep 2014 Zero Balancing is a very gentle yet powerful method of balancing anatomical structure with the body’s natural energy flow. Fingertip pressure & held stretches utilise a specific quality of touch which helps to initiate deep levels of relaxation inviting the release of physical & emotional tension.
  • Zero Balancing focuses on the group of joints in the body that are involved with the smooth transition of forces through the weight bearing skeleton. By evaluating and improving their function natural realignment takes place leading to improved posture and greater flexibility.


Zero Balancing in Belper & Derby Sep 2012

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