Benefits of Zero Balancing

a moment of quiet calm is a busy world

Emotional & Physical Harmony …

Active & Conscious state of wellbeing 

Improved Posture & Flexibility

Stress Reduction

  • Zero Balancing Belper Derbyshire Sep 2014Clients may feel relaxed and  refreshed after a session, and more able to understand and deal with the causes of their stress.

Alleviating Physical Tension

  • Pain may occur in areas where the body’s energy flow is blocked or reduced by tension or overuse. Zero Balancing invites the release of tension, increasing energy flow, and thereby may then help to alleviate pain.

Reparative Touch

  • Natural responses to touch can become distorted by trauma, abuse, or prolonged physical or emotional pain. Zero Balancing utilises clear boundaries and is non-intrusive. The safety offered by this connection may then help a client to reclaim their body allowing them to rediscover the positive aspects of human touch.

Personal Process …

Zero Balancing ... Belper & Derbyshire Sep 2014“I have never felt the same since …”

  • Zero Balancing may release outdated mental patterns and emotional responses that have been imprinted and subconsciously retained in the body or mind during times of difficulty. By accessing and clearing theses obstructions Zero Balancing can strengthen our ability to adapt to change and to reconnect with our essential selves.


Please Remember …

Zero Balancing is a complement to medical health care and not a substitute for it. Zero Balancing is not designed for the acutely ill or disturbed person, nor should it be used following surgery, bone fracture or dislocation, until sufficient healing has had time to take place.


Zero Balancing in Belper & Derby Sep 2012

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