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Adjuncts to Acupuncture …

 Moxabustion …

  • A substance called moxa, derived from the dried leaves of common Mugwort Artemisia Vulgaris is burnt on or near to an Acupuncture point.

How is Moxabustion applied?

  • Small balls can be attached to the end of acupuncture needles.
  • Small cones are placed on the skin and allowed to smoulder, which are removed before causing discomfort.
  • Cigar shaped rolls, lit at one end are moved slowly over particular Acupoints.


What are the effects of Moxabustion?

  • Warms Qi allowing greater flow of energy through the point and the energetic body.
  • Deeper level work with the “Spirit Of The Point” helping the practitioner to focus on characteristics of a given point associated with its classical name.
  • Relaxing, warming, pleasing.


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